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Leadership Loudoun Youth Class of 2011:

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Representatives of several non-profit organizations presented opportunities for the teens to apply their leadership skills in the community – from sending simple text messages to US Troops abroad to writing grant proposals for community action projects. Virginia Senator Mark Herring also spent time sharing his own journey into public service, winning high marks for his genuine and positive message. National Conference Center General Manager Kurt Krause rounded out the educational portion of the week-long program with a tour of his expansive conference facilities followed by lunch in the corporate dining room.

The fact that so many Loudoun business, government and non-profit leaders took time to share their resources and wisdom throughout the week was not lost on the teens, who offered heart-felt testimonials about their experience at the closing ceremony in front of proud parents and program sponsors. "I learned that there’s a lot more to leadership than I thought," said Ehsan Jafree. "It's about communication, it's about collaboration, it's about problem solving, it's about motivating the people around you and it's about giving back."

His sentiments were echoed throughout the afternoon, and it's just the outcome that Leadership Loudoun and Loudoun Youth Inc. organizers strive to convey. "Now spread the word," challenged Mike Morgan of Leadership Loudoun. "Tell your family & friends about your experience, so we can expand this program."

Stay tuned for great results.

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Please also see Class of 2011 Graduation
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Please also see Class of 2011 Graduation