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Leadership Loudoun Youth Class of 2010:

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Leadership Loudoun Youth Class of 2010 graduates reported:


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"gaining life-long leadership skills"

"learning skills and making connections that will help to better our community"

"seeing how small things can make a big impact"

"experiencing leadership all over Loudoun County"

"I got a lot of opportunities that otherwise I wouldn't have."

"Being able to work on public speaking and interview skills, those are important things you need to be a success."

"MUCH MORE than something to put on my college applications"

"I learned what a leader actually is and that's important to take back to our schools and implement into our actual lives."

"I came here to get help with my leadership skills, and I also made a lot of great friends and great memories."

"I wasn't sure exactly what we would be learning here, but I learned that managing is different than leading.  And by being able to look behind the scenes, I saw how teamwork is really applied."

"When I applied I figured I'd learn leadership and have fun, but I gained something much more powerful: confidence.  I feel that I can really make a difference in my community now."

"It's great to make so many connections with other students, so we can work together to make a difference before we go off to college."


Leadership Loudoun Youth Class of 2010, please e-mail your LLY2010 testimonial to:

Mike Morgan, Leadership Loudoun at MikeMorgan@leadershiploudounyouth.org

OR Christina Druther, Loudoun Youth at ChristinaDruther@leadershiploudounyouth.org