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“Making Loudoun County the Best Place to Grow Up”

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Leadership Loudoun Youth Class of 2010:

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Leadership Loudoun Youth Class of 2010 Day 5 included:

bulleta youth-led "Listening to Youth" activity which identified youth issues --> ACTION
bulleta tour of The National Conference Center (NCC; www.conferencecenter.com) with Kurt Krause and team (THANK YOU Sharon Meyers and Tim Fletcher)
bulletlunch provided by NCC
bulletan information session about opportunities to "give back" and "pay it forward" via:
bulletVolunteer Loudoun (http://www.loudoun.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=291)
bulletLoudoun County Youth Advisory Council (YAC; http://www.loudounteens.org/YAC/AboutYAC/tabid/55/Default.aspx) & Advisory Commission on Youth (ACOY; http://www.loudoun.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=347)
bulletPiedmont Community Foundation (www.piedmontcf.org) "Forward Turn" / Student Philanthropy Project (SPP) (www.forwardturn.org)
bulleta graduation ceremony with families & guests in attendance included framed certificates, t-shirts, & testimonials, a slideshow of photos from the week, and a small celebration

CONGRATULATIONS to the Leadership Loudoun Youth Class of 2010 - FIRST CLASS!  BEST CLASS! :)

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