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Leadership Loudoun Youth Class of 2010:

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Leadership Loudoun Youth Class of 2010 Day 3 included:

bulleta business & technology bus tour of Loudoun County with fascinating visits with:
bulletBryan Ramos and team at Prototype Productions, Inc (PPI; www.protoprod.com)
bulletTim Kysela and team at VeriSign (www.verisign.com)
bulletlunch provided by VeriSign
bulletPaul Yeloushan and Put Phimmasone, Virginia Commerce Bank (www.vcbonline.com), Exclusive Grand Sponsor of the Leadership Loudoun Youth Class of 2010, spoke about financial literacy and the economy
bulletRobin Geiger, Program Manager, Leadership Loudoun administered a leadership profile assessment
bulletKristin Garrett, Loudoun County Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Coordinator (http://www.loudounteens.org/YAC/AboutYAC/tabid/55/Default.aspx) led a public speaking activity
bulletMike Morgan, Leadership Loudoun (www.leadershiploudoun.org) led a "So You Think You Can Interview" interviewing activity
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